The camping site

Köpingbaden has 160 camp sites available for tents, caravans and campers.
The camping site is small and cozy and everything you need is close by within the camping area.

There’s four size classes of camping sites with electricity and a few additional sites without electricity. Please call us so we can recommend the best camping site that fits your needs.

Our electrical cabinets are EU-compatible so you will need an EU-adapter in order to use it. Adapters are sold in the reception for 250 SEK – Subject to availability

Internet connection is available via Telia Homerun on the camping site. Rental per day or per three days.

Service buildings

Our service buildings are next to eachother in the center of the camping area, renovated and refreshed for the upcoming season.
There’s toilets, a toilet for the disabled, showers, laundry facilities and kitchen.
The kitchen is equipped with two stoves with ovens, microwave oven and fridge and freezer.
Dishwashing stations are available both indoors and outdoors.

Vid incheckningen får du ett kort som används i duschen och i vår tvättstuga. Varmvattnet i duschen kostar 5:-/3 min och ett tvättprogram kostar 20kr.
You will receive a card during check-in to use in the shower and laundry facility. Hot water showers cost 5SEK/3min. Laundry 20SEK.

We do not allow the use of disposable grills in the camping area – You can borrow a grill from us instead.

Handlar´n Köpingbaden

You will find our well-stocked grocery store Handlar’n Köpingbaden by the entrance to the camping area. The store offers a wide selection of groceries, snacks, beach supplies , barbecue accessories , tobacco and much more. Daily fresh newly baked bread from our own ovens. Handlar’n Köpingbaden is a genuine grocery store combining great service with a fresh wide selection of items to make your stay at Köpingbaden something to remember. We also recommend you to keep a look out for our campaigns and family events.

A warm welcome
Leif & Tony from Handlar´n with staff

The beach shop

The beach shop is the place to go to when you’ve become bored of lying still on the beach. There’s plenty of water sports to try out! Try our jet skis or fly like a bird and dive like a dolphin with our Flyboard. We’re introducing our new Hoverboard this year , a must see!

Stand Up Paddleboards are also available as well as a kitesurfing school. Or walk on water with our popular Waterballs! You can find our entire selection of summer activities and water sports here:

Don’t forget to check out our special offers just for the camping guests.
We’re open 10-16 as long as the days are sunny. You will find everything you need for a great day at the beach in our store, we’ve got towels, sunscreen, t-shirts, shorts, balls and games and much more.

A warm welcome!
/Kjell from The beach shop