Please follow these rules and regulations when you stay with us.
The recommended age for bookings is 20 years old. This does not apply to families with children.


In order to ensure a nice stay for all guests the camping will be quiet 23.00-06.00. No vehicles are allowed in the camping area between 22.00-06.00. There is a 20km/h speed limit to ensure the safety of the children in the area. Do not keep your engine running unnecessarily. There’s a parking fee during the peak season during 09.00-00.00 for your visitors. Check-in time is after 13.00 for camping guests and after 15.00 for cottage guests. Additional open ours are available on our website and in the reception area on site, this is also where you will find the phone number to reach our staff in case you are arriving at a later / earlier time during the day. Always notify our staff during your arrival in order for us to ensure your camping site meets all our requirements such as fire safety. If you do not comply with the rules you may have to move your camping upon inspection.

Shared spaces

Show your other guests consideration and don’t leave trash behind. Do not leave any personal belongings such as pots , pans or laundry in the common areas. Personal belongings that are left in the common area will be collected and will be returned upon description in the reception. Please take care of the enviroment and do not waste water or electricity. Smoking is prohibited and pets as well with consideration to people with allergies. Food left in fridges/freezers must be marked with your name and camping spot nr. Any food not marked will be thrown away at the end of the day by the cleaning staff.

Camping site

Ur brandsynpunkt rekommenderar vi alla våra gäster att hålla 2 meter till tomtgräns. Till närmsta ekipage skall det vara 4 meter. Campinggästen ansvarar för all säkerhet på tomten. Detta innefattar bland annat årlig kontroll av er gasanläggning och brandsläckare. Alla elinstallationer i vagn och förtält skall vara utförda av behörig elektriker. Campinggästen ansvarar för skötsel av den egna tomten. Tänk på att inte lämna kvar föremål i gräset såsom bollar leksaker eller dylikt utanför tomten. Köpingbadens camping ansvarar inte för föremål som hamnar under gräsklippare eller blir stulna. Miljöstation finns i anslutning till servicehus. Gästen ombeds att vara noga med att stänga kranar efter användning samt att inte slösa med vatten i onödan. Tvätt av bil, husvagn eller husbil får av miljöskäl ej förekomma. Endast en bil/fordon per campingplats är tillåtet. Lämna tomten sådan som du själv önskar finna den.

Theft and vandalism

Köpingbaden Camping take no responsibility for thefts occuring on the camping grounds. Anyone caught vandalizing, stealing, hurting someone or act in a disturbing manner after 23:00 risk getting evicted from the camping grounds with no compensation for paid rent. In cases where a crime is commited we will always call the police.


Dogs are welcome but we ask you to show consideration for the other guests. Keep your dog on a leash at all times and pick up after your dog. There’s designated containers for dog waste bags spread across the camping area. There’s a designated beach where dogs are welcome further north on the beach past Klinta camping. There are signs showing you where your dog can join you at the beach. No pets are welcome in our common areas with consideration for allergic guests.  Please mind the sun and heat and do not leave your dog alone in the camper or car.

Smoking, firearms, ball games

When smoking please show consideration and respect for the other guests in the area. Cigarette butts can be dangerous for the enviroment and kids as well as a fire hazard, so please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground. There are ashtrays outside every entrance to the service building. All forms of firearms as well as fireworks and bows are prohibited. Ball games / sports should be played at designated areas.

Grills / BBQ

One-time grills are not allowed within the camping grounds because of the fire hazard.  We do have a large amount of grills available for you, these are placed close to the enviromental station by the service buildings. When borrowing our grills you need to supply your own coal and lighter fluid.  Please clean the grills at special areas by the enviromental station.

Compliance of rules and regulations

Köpingbadens Camping reserve the right to immiediatly evict guests that do not follow the rules and regulations above. During check-in you also confirm you have read the above rules and regulations and have agreed to follow them.

We hope you have a pleasant stay at Köpingbaden Camping!